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Revolutionary, Eco-friendly, Electric System  

ZapaTick Piezoelectric System

ZapaTickTM is a revolutionary eco-friendly electric system for destroying ticks and extracting them from people and animals. 

The ZapaTickTM electric tick pincer works by imprisoning the tick in its small globe. Once the tick has been captured it gets an electric pulse that irreversibly destroys its neurological system, hygienically, safely and in an eco-friendly way. This revolutionary pincer is fitted with a self-contained electric device and works without a battery (piezoelectric system) which kills the tick instantly. The intensity given off by the electric system is nil and completely safe.

The person handling the device doesn't feel it since it is operated inside the globe.

How to Use ZapaTick Pincer

·       Take the ZapaTickTM between your thumb and middle fingers. In the same way as a pen. With the two half globes facing downwards,

·       Position the two half globes either side of the tick and release the push button to close the pincer on the tick

·       Apply slight downwards pressure to the pincer cap.

·       Activate the piezoelectric system which will deliver its electric arc to the tick's head inside the globe 

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