Stories of Sarcoidosis Sufferers/Patients

Here you will find true stories of individuals struggling day to day with sarcoidosis along with family and friends experience of watching a loved one with this disabling disease. 

Sue's Story

If you would like to include your story and journey or that of a loved one or close friend with sarcoidosis please send it via email in a word document format to

Have you been told your lucky to just have Sarcoidosis?  And how it will go away in just a couple of years. Oh really..... The text books might say this but if you listen to the stories and cries for help from Sarcoidosis Sufferers a different story starts to emerge. 

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Dr. Kim Foster, MD

100 Voices

The Inspire Rare Disease Day Report

I can’t give up. . .and there 

are times I want to throw the 

towel in. But there is some 

fighting desire so deep inside 

me that comes through 

when I think I can’t be helped. 



I grieve for the person I was before

being diagnosed and I’m working

on who I’m supposed to be now. I’m

sick a lot, but on the good days, I see

so much more of what’s important

and a little purpose of what I am.

And that is to help find a cure to this

ravishing disease.


In my opinion, this information

should be made known so others do

not have to suffer alone ... It helped

me a great deal finding out I was not

the only one.


I am not the person I was 2 years ago, and

I am certainly not the partial person I

was 20 months ago. Believe it or not, this

different person is happy, happy with life

The amazing Chinese bamboo plant offers a mirror image to some of life’s simplest secrets – patience and roots.

Through the bamboo plant we are reminded that even with years of constant and consistent nurturing we don’t always see the rewards of our efforts.

Yet, if we keep from being discouraged and walk in faith, things will begin to happen. Just like the bamboo, our hopes and dreams will take root and when they do watch out!

The amazing Chinese bamboo plant

We are Sarcoidosis