Our History

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Sarcoidosis Australia was conceived by Sue Sherratt from a chance meeting with a couple of women in her doctor's waiting room towards the end of 2011, which carried on to a chat over coffee. The coffee must have been potent because it fuelled Sue to go home and create an online support group for people with Sarcoidosis, Sue's own diagnosis. 

One of the two women who shared Sue's coffee chat was diagnosed with Sarcoidosis and the other was looking more likely to have Lyme disease, so the group intended also to support Lyme disease patients. 

In one of those interesting quirks of fate, Sue was also found to have Lyme disease and the Lyme disease lady couldn't escape the possible-Sarcoidosis label. The confusion between Lyme disease and Sarcoidosis became a source of frustration and fascination at the same time. Hence, Sue's online support group decided to become an organisation and enter the fray to fight for all that was lacking in the medical system where Sarcoidosis and Lyme disease were concerned.

Late in 2012, a committee was formed and in early 2013, the organisation became a charity. Sarcoidosis Australia is in the process of changing name to Sarcoidosis Lyme Australia. 

Our mission is to support patients and carers, provide information to and educate patients/carers/medical clinicians/governments and to fund research.