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Links - Lyme Disease

Australian Lyme Support Groups

Karl McManus Foundation (Lyme Disease)

Lyme Disease Association of Australia

Living with Lyme

Aussie Lyme

Lyme Australia & Friends


Lyme Green Australia

Sarcoidosis and Lyme Support

Sarcoidosis, CFS, Lyme, MS, Lupus and Inflammatory Diseases and Bacteria

Dr Mayne Lyme Disease - Sydney Australia

 Public Health Information On Ticks

CSIRO Article // Public health advice about ticks

NSW Health fact sheet on ticks

NBA Quick Reference Guide Criteria for the clinical use of intravenous immunoglobulin

International Lyme Disease & Associated Diseases Society (ILADS )

Lyme Research, Education and Assistance Society

Lyme Action Group (Canada)

Joe the Tick's Lyme Blog (Europe)

Deutsche Lyme Borrelose Hilfe (Germany)

Terra Nova Indien (German)

Looking at Lyme Disease (UK)

Lyme Disease Org

Lyme Aware Organisation

Canadian Lyme Disease Foundation

Lyme Disease Action UK


Lyme Disease Foundation

Borreliosis Centrum Augsburg.

Borrelia Center in Augsburg provides intensive Lyme Disease treatment following the ILADS guidelines

Norwegian Lyme Disease

The Lyme and Tick Borne Disease Research Center

Action Lyme

Turn the Corner Foundation

Lyme Disease Assoc Ontario

Pacific Frontier Medical


This is the only lab that does ELLSPOT test.


The ELLSPOT tests your Tcell response to Borrelia antigens.

Explanation of Lyme Disease Testing

HILYSENS will be the first lab-on-a-chip tool allowing specific and sensitive detection of acute, chronic and autoimmunity associated Lyme Disease and ensuring non-invasive, fast, specific and easy diagnosing, prognosis and monitoring.


Fry Laboratories L.L.C.


About Ticks

Ticks: Life Cycle, Anatomy & Disease Transmission

Background Information on the Biology of Ticks

Afraid to Ask

Morphology of Borrelia

New Hampshire Lyme misdiagnosis

European Union Lyme Research Group

Lyme Twitter

Lyme Aware

Lyme and Morgellons Disease

Dr Nicola McFadzean