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Fundraising for Sarcoidosis Lyme Australia

Sarcoidosis Lyme in Australia 
has been registered by the Charity Commission and Australian Not-For Profit Commission
and now has Deductible Gift Recipient status (DGR)
Tax-deductible donations and contributions rate

We address all donations to the account of your choice.

Please inform us if your gift is to support

Lyme disease

Or alternatively you can leave that decision up to us

So why not do some Fundraising for 
Sarcoidosis Lyme Australia?

You could hold a BBQ or fundraising tea in the morning or party at home or at work and donate the money raised in Australia to help create awareness for Sarcoidosis or  Lyme Disease. Charge a entry fee, have a lucky door price and sell tickets. We can provide you with some fundraising items to help your endeavors. 

These funds will in turn help us to create awareness of these conditions very misunderstood debilitating.

Ultimately we want to create awareness about how we are all struggling day by day with these conditions.

Our Hope  is for greater understanding regarding the ongoing problems we are all facing in our community with Sarcoidosis and Lyme disease.

Without your help we will not succeed.

If you feel you can help in any way please e-mail