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6th Australian Health and Medical Research Congress

On the 25th-28th Nov at the Adelaide Convention Centre (right in the city) is the 6th Australian Health and Medical Congress. http://www.ahmrcongress.org.au/ 

A person with CFS on Pheonix Rising is going be front and centre in an effort to get greater ackowledgement of our situation.

To Quote--
"Note all the societies on their program who will be talking at this event about research .. sadly of cause there isnt one for ME/CFS to get any ME/CFS research out there in the eye of the medical profession. I want this changed. I want ME/CFS research to be represented at this conference, the medical profession isnt doing it for us.. so let us do it ourselves. Let us show others in the medical fields, that there is some fascinating ME/CFS research happening in the ME/CFS fields.

Im proposing this demo to be done by having signs with some of the latest facts from ME/CFS studies or quotes from studies. Lets get ME/CFS research heard!! Dont allow us to keep being not represented. Help the "Invisible Illness" to be seen. More ME/CFS presences then just I at this demo would be welcome so please think of joining me in this.